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St. Michael's is a friendly Church of England parish church which has room for all sorts of people of any age or background. Situated at the Eastern side of the village of Cherry Burton the life of the village is the centre of our focus. The mission and vision for St. Michael's is to Know God, Show God and Share God to the world around us wherever we are. 
The regular worshiping congregation at St. Michael's is very diverse with people coming from all sorts of previous church backgrounds or no previous experience of Church at all. We enjoy a mix of worship on Sundays with informal and traditional services 


About St. Michael's

What is important at St. Michael's


St Michael's is a place to discover, explore and grow in a life of prayer. 

We grow closer in our understanding and relationship with God in prayer and we become better in helping others because of this. We believe that prayer is more than only just talking to God but a way of life that brings light into dark places, both personally and globally. 


St. Michael's is a place where we take the Bible seriously; not frivolously, lightly or for granted. We know that the Bible is a complicated and ancient library of texts which has been written over thousands of years by many people who have been inspired by God. We believe it is important to prayerfully read, study and ask questions of the Bible so we can know God's nature better.


A Church For Everyone, A Place for You

St. Michael's welcomes everyone. We offer a range of activities for everybody and anybody as individuals and as part of their families. Of course everyone is welcome to 'muck in' to make St. Michael's an inclusive and loving community for everyone. If there is something we don't currently offer then come along and make it happen.

St. Michael's plays an integrated and active part in the wider community, being a part of the village life in times of celebration and times of grief. All our regular worshippers are involved in thier communities beyond the church's regular activities and many in the village have an active interest in the church beyond Sunday worship.

St. Michael's enjoys close involvment in our Voluntary Controlled Church of England School. We host regular celebrations for the school in our building as well as weekly visits from Rev. Richard for Collective Worship and regular classroom visits

Pastoral Care

At St. Michael's people come first before things or ideals. St. Michael's strives to be a place of healing, care, kindness and hope; trying to reflect God's nature and obey Jesus' command to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and love our neighbours as ourselves. St. Michael's has a great relationship with our local nursing home, village pub and village hall. We belong to the parish and aim to serve the whole parish.


St. Michael's enjoys a varied musical worship tradition. We have an active and friendly choir and music group. Both are very welcoming to new volunteers of any ability normally from 9 years and up. We have regular music led services throughout the year as well as contemporary music services each month.

Resources for Worship and Reflection

Knowing God At Home

Click the links below to download resources for worship at home or to join in on our scheduled worship streams

Morning and Night Prayers

Supplementary prayer material

- with children

- personal prayer

Live streaming service schedule:

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+ Morning Prayer Monday-Friday from 7.30am​

+ Sunday Worship from 10am​

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Every Weekday from 7.30am 
Every Sunday from 10am