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COVID-19 Safe Public Worship this Sunday 19th July

I am very pleased to announce that this coming Sunday 19th July we will be open for a public worship service at 10am. This will be a socially distanced and 'COVID safe' worship environment and some of the things to expect will be,

+ One-way system in, through and out of the church building; visually marked out on the floors.

+ Nothing to be handed out for the service i.e. hymn books, service books, notices. All the words and images for the service will be projected onto a screen in the pulpit throughout the service.

+ A hand-sanitising station is available upon entry and we expect that all attendees will use this on entry and exit from the building.

+ All attendees will be expected to wear a face covering to further protect other worshippers from asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19

+ There will be social distancing throughout the main building with some pews blocked off. The pew cusions have been removed as viruses remain on fabric longer than they do on hard surfaces but if you wish to bring your own and taken it away again after the service that would be fine

+ Services will no longer include congregational singing but music will remain a part of the services to provide a space for prayerful reflection

+ The services will be more informal than we might be used to. Revd Richard wants to ensure that we strike a good balance for all of our multi-age and intergenerational parishioners

+ The service will be live streamed via from the building and recorded for YouTube and our website. This recording will also be available via DVD later in the week via the Celebrations box at the end of Revd Richard's driveway. The slides will also be available via our website for downloading if that might help others

We are living through very changeable times and so we will need to be agile in our provision of a COVID safe worshipping environment. We are open to everyone and will welcome into our building all who feel they are able to do so. Should you feel that you are unable to be here physically please do make use of the many resources we have available to join in at home. There is more than just the online opportunities and if there is something we could provide, which we don't currently please let Revd Richard or our Church Warden, Judi Pierson, know and we will try our best.

The Public Worship Risk Assesment is available here should you wish to read through it and see in more detail how we are working to minimise risk within our worshipping comunity. If you have any questions or comments please do get in touch



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